Swati’s story – From feeling scared to feeling hopeful and confident in the dialysis treatment plan

At just the age of 26, when Swati was living in India, she was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease. She had to start dialysis because her weight was dropping, and toxins started building up in her body. Unfortunately, her first experience with dialysis wasn’t positive and this made her hesitant to commit to doing dialysis regularly.

With the support of her husband, Swait moved to Singapore, and started undergoing dialysis regularly. Her perspective has changed, and she became more confident with doing dialysis and knowing that the use of the non-invasive Body Composition Monitor (BCM) device will give accurate measures of her fluid and nutrition status.

“It is very useful for us in that sense for us, to get a sense of accuracy with respect to her water retention so that her dry weight is not affected, and we don’t take out excessive fluid and make her unnecessarily weak.” says her husband.

Watch her story here.

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